... it reminds me to stop and appreciate that life is beautiful!

                      ? Under the Paris Sky - My Favorite French Song for a Sing Along ?

                      Our recent Spring preview in Paris has been a real treat. The warmer weather has lured me back outside to stroll the city and take in all the good clichés of the French capital. These little promenades and the blue skies overhead have got one song on my mind, Sous Le Ciel de Parisby none other than édith Piaf.

                      Paris Rendezvous

                      Listening to French music and trying to learn lyrics is of one of the best ways to improve your French language skills. It’s also one of the most fun! So I thought I would share this great French classicwith you that has been playing over and over in my mind. Seems like a good place to start if you want to parler fran?ais...or sing it I should say. It truly captures the Parisian spirit I fall in love again with this time of year.

                      Sous Le Ciel de Paris translates to Beneath the Paris Sky, but that’s just the beginning as the verses of this song recount the many scenes one city dweller crosses as she strolls along the Seine river. Lovers, musicians, philosophers, sailors, and more — they all make cameos in this musical portrait of Parisian moments. I particularly love this song because just like my La Vie Est Belle fragrance, it reminds me to stop and appreciate that life is beautiful.

                      So whether you want to play this little tune to be reminded of just that and pass a lovely Parisian moment, or to practice your French, I’ve translated a few of my favorite lines here for you to follow along...

                      Sou le Ciel de Paris

                      Sous le ciel de Paris s'envole une chanson. Elle est née d’aujourd'hui dans le c?ur d'un gar?on Sous le ciel de paris marchent des amoureux. Leur bonheur se construit sur un air fait pour eux.

                      Beneath the Parisian sky, a song flutters away. It was born today in a young man's heart.Beneath the Parisian sky, lovers walk about, their happiness built upon a tune made just for them.

                      Deux musiciens quelques badauds puis des gens par milliers, sous le ciel de paris jusqu'au soir vont chanter l'hymne d'un peuple épris de sa vieille cité.

                      Two musicians and a few onlookers, and then people in the thousands, beneath the Parisian sky will sing into the evening the hymn of the people in love with their old city.

                      Et le ciel de Paris, a son secret pour lui. Depuis vingt siècles il est épris de notre ?le Saint-Louis. Quand elle lui sourit il met son habit bleu quand il pleut sur paris c'est qu'il est malheureux.

                      The Parisian sky has its own secret, for twenty centuries it has been in love with our ?le Saint-Louis. When she smiles at him, he puts on his blue suit, when it rains over Paris, it’s because he's sad.

                      You can listen to this beautiful song online here learn the lyrics and their full translation here.

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